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Welcome to the Four-Day Sweet Spot! If you are new or returning from a long hiatus to a workout/training regimen, this is just the program to get you started! It can be difficult to initially commit to an entire week, or even the minimum suggested 5-days-a-week of working out. So this program is just for you! It's not five days, it's not six days, it's FOUR! It's just enough to get you started. This is a training plan designed for you to get acclimated into a routine without weights, especially if you are novice with weights. This program was designed with an intimate, private, at-home atmosphere in mind, but you can certainly do these workouts anywhere with or without equipment, as long as it allows you enough space. Once you purchase, you can start the program whenever you want. But remember, the longer you take, the later you get started on reaching your goals!

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